Baby footprint tile offer

We are currently offering one buy-one-get-one-free on a bigger tile, approx. 6" square, when you spend £10 or more.  This could be two tiles for the same baby or one each for twins (usual price for one tile is £7 or £8 if we do the writing).  This offer is valid for babies under 3 months, however if your baby was 3 months during lockdown I'm sure we could extend the offer.

We will do the footprint and write on the tile for you too if you would like or alternatively, you can choose to do the writing yourself. 

For the current time we would ask that any parent holding their baby while we take the print wears a mask.  We will also wear a mask (I have specifically bought some fun and friendly masks :)!) and will wash our hands prior to doing the print.

Prints will need to be taken in the minimum amount of time to reduce contact time so please ensure your baby has feet free of oils etc before we start.